A Clarification About Amazon Links

UPDATE Dec 5, 2015: Affiliate codes have been added back to the site as part of my new podcast, Microphone Talking. If any revenue is generated through Merlin's wishlist links (which has never happened) I will put that money toward a gift for Merlin and post about it here.

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TLDR: I've never made money from the site, but I'm making a few changes to make that more clear going forward.

I just want to clarify a small but important detail about this site. Most of the posts I've shared here have included Amazon affiliate links. I mistakenly thought I had to include an affiliate code to use Squarespace's built-in Amazon blocks, which make a site like this much easier to run. I've never received a single referral fee from Merlin Mann's Wishlist, and if I had I would have used it to send our favorite Internet hero one of the items on his list, like I did by organizing the Indiegogo campaign last year. This site is a labor of love, made to share cool things with other people who have loved Merlin's work. To make things more clear going forward, I have removed my affiliate code from the site. I will also be going back through the archive as I have time and tweaking the posts to remove the "Buy from Amazon" buttons, which I realize now make the site look like I'm trying to drive sales.

I love Merlin's work and I hope you do too. Now I hope it's crystal clear that I'm not some kind of lamprey attached to Merlin's flank.

Love, Dan W.