History of Township Music


History of Township [Import] History of Township Music (Artist) | Format: Audio CD

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Track Listings

  1. Zulu Piano Medley No. 1, Pt. 1
  2. Rea Gae (We Are Going Home)
  3. Mbube (The Lion)
  4. Khala Zo'me (Cry Until the Tears Dry Up)
  5. Meadowlands
  6. Unomeva (A Wasp)
  7. Jikela Emaweni (Turn Around to the Cliffs)
  8. Nomathemba (A Woman's First Name)
  9. Ufikizolo (He Only Arrived Yesterday)
  10. Something New in Africa
  11. Goli Kwela
  12. Uile Ngoan'a Batho (Our Child Is Gone)
  13. Diepkloof Ekhaya (Diepkloof, My Home)
  14. Thulandvile (Keep Quiet, I've Heard You)
  15. Umbuzi (The Goat)
  16. Msenge (The Milktree)
  17. Ulova (A Loafer)
  18. Midnight Ska
  19. Mr. Music
  20. Mama Thula (Mother, Keep Quiet!)
  21. Ngikhala Ngiya Baleka No. 2 (I'm Crying While Running Away)
  22. Mkatakata (Unrest)
  23. Tsotsi (A Thug)
  24. Omzala Bakho (Your Cousins)
  25. Bayeza (They Are Coming)
  26. Thakane (A Woman's First Name)
  27. Ndakwa Njalo (You Always Get Drunk)
  28. Toitoi (A Male's First Name)
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