The Superior Foes of Spider-Man Volume 1: Getting the Band Back Together

It's a brand-new sleeper-hit series starring some of Spidey's deadliest baddies! Boomerang and his fellow villains prove that with terrible powers come terrible responsibiliti es...and Spider-Man will soon learn that with superior villains come superior problems! Out on bail and aiming to stay out of jail, Boomerang must get his cronies on target - but does Frank Castle, the one-man army known as the Punisher, have them targeted already?


House of M: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four & X-Men


House of M: Spider-Man, Fantastic Four & X-Men [Hardcover] Mark Waid (Author), Tom Peyer (Author), Fabian Nicieza (Author), Reginald Hudlin (Author), Chris Claremont (Author), Salvador Larroca (Illustrator), John Layman (Illustrator), Tom Grummett (Illustrator)

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The Scarlet Witch has changed the universe, but Saturnyne's come to destroy it! The House of M is spilling into the multiverse like dominos and may topple it like cards, especially if omnipotent evildoers Mad Jim and madder Jamie have their way! Captain Britain and his family have two days to save the world as they know it - if only they can remember it! Heroes and villains will die, but which are which?